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Dig the Variety of Zobe Records

Zobe Records ReviewWhen it comes to a great label, you have to have a lot going on for people to be interested and to make a name for yourself. That’s the mission Zobe Records completes. Artists like Kenn Retro holds it down with his Chris Brown like ways in “Holding It Down” and the more hip hop “Do My Thing.” Then they also have the rapid fire Staccato who really doesn’t mess around when it comes to rhymes. He’s like a speed racer and someone who can’t be caught on the mic. Don’t be mistaken though, it’s not a boys’ club at Zobe. They have some great female artists on the roster like Kayisha and Liana who’s single “Sometimes I” is a sweet mixture of pop and R&B. If you’re a fan of well made music, check out what Zobe Records is putting out in the music sphere today. (http://www.zoberecords.com/)

Feast on So Deep Entertainment

Pretti Boi Shon ReviewSo Deep Entertainment has a lot on their plate. With “One Accord” you get a great case of R&B. It has a sense of the sweet sounds of the ‘90s when this music went from “Soul Train” to the homes of everyone. “All I Need” also makes you feel nostalgic because the beginning sounds like the intro to a video cassette. That blaring is then hip hop comes blaring out in a way that would make you a fan in an instant. We go back to the soul with “Eyes of An Angel.” This one has a Gospel influence and beautiful harmonies everyone involved. So Deep Entertainment has a lot to offer music fans whether it be Pretti Boi Shon, Black Magic or just with the variety of genres. You can have a taste of R&B, rap and gospel all in one stop. So Deep if for music people who don’t like to feast on just one thing, but like a little bit of everything. (https://soundcloud.com/so-deep-entertainment)

Shining a Spotlight on Old Yella Recordz

oldyellarecordz reviewToday we’re here to dish about all the talent that comes from Old Yella Recordz. First up is the hype ways of Brizzal Bandana with a song that’s meant as a command to the ladies, “All 4.” What is great about this song is that you can instantly see a dance craze being formed from it. Then we calm down a bit with Swissa’s “Erythang iight” featuring Blackmike and White Boi Mike. This one still has a fresh beat that you can definitely get behind but it’s not as wild as what Brizzal was bringing. Blackmike comes back but on his own track alongside Soulja Red on “Why They Don’t Like Me.” While this one doesn’t have “club” written all over it, listeners can appreciate the reality of it. It seems like we come full circle and end on a very energetic track, fittingly with Cocaine’s “Supa Bad” featuring some help from Lay Lay. When it comes to Old Yella Recordz, one thing’s for sure…All the bases of hip hop are covered. You have serious notes, club hits and tracks that are just for chilling. Make sure to check out what’s coming from this camp today. (https://soundcloud.com/oldyellarecordz)