Shining a Spotlight on Old Yella Recordz

oldyellarecordz reviewToday we’re here to dish about all the talent that comes from Old Yella Recordz. First up is the hype ways of Brizzal Bandana with a song that’s meant as a command to the ladies, “All 4.” What is great about this song is that you can instantly see a dance craze being formed from it. Then we calm down a bit with Swissa’s “Erythang iight” featuring Blackmike and White Boi Mike. This one still has a fresh beat that you can definitely get behind but it’s not as wild as what Brizzal was bringing. Blackmike comes back but on his own track alongside Soulja Red on “Why They Don’t Like Me.” While this one doesn’t have “club” written all over it, listeners can appreciate the reality of it. It seems like we come full circle and end on a very energetic track, fittingly with Cocaine’s “Supa Bad” featuring some help from Lay Lay. When it comes to Old Yella Recordz, one thing’s for sure…All the bases of hip hop are covered. You have serious notes, club hits and tracks that are just for chilling. Make sure to check out what’s coming from this camp today. (

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