T Lo-Lo ReviewT Lo-Lo calls Texas home, but has her hip hop eyes set on the world. “Now I Know” tells you the backstory of this artist. She goes through her life and how it led it her to where she is now. When the song starts, it isn’t much but as it goes on T Lo-Lo impresses with a gritty delivery that’s met by very rapid pieces intertwined in between verses. For those not in to the know of who Johnny Bravo is, he was the this cartoon in the ’90s who was all about himself but was awesome. So those who know, “Johnny Bravo Sample” makes you just smile as you bounce along to the beat. We go off with “The Party Song.” This is more like a radio track than the other ones. The others are gems you uncover on an album, while this one is what gets you to buy the record. Things get a little aggressive with “Off Top,” while we get a little help from a friend on “Nowhere.” If you like hip hop that stands tall, check out T Lo-Lo. (https://soundcloud.com/tlo-lo)

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