Feast on So Deep Entertainment

So Deep Entertainment has a lot on their plate. With “One Accord” you get a great case of R&B. It has a sense of the sweet sounds of the ‘90s when this music went from “Soul Train” to the homes of everyone. “All I Need” also makes you feel nostalgic because the beginning sounds like the intro to a video cassette. That blaring is then hip hop comes blaring out in a way that would make you a fan in an instant. We go back to the soul with “Eyes of An Angel.” This one has a Gospel influence and beautiful harmonies everyone involved. So Deep Entertainment has a lot to offer music fans whether it be Pretti Boi Shon, Black Magic or just with the variety of genres. You can have a taste of R&B, rap and gospel all in one stop. So Deep if for music people who don’t like to feast on just one thing, but like a little bit of everything. (https://soundcloud.com/so-deep-entertainment)

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