Tae Zu ReviewTae Zu knows his way around a beat and that’s the truth. “Two Sides of One Half” comes across as confident. He is a man who knows his way around a rhyme and this showcases that to a tee. With “Troubled Scars” we start off soft with what appears to sound like a classical musical. The piano guides you into something that comes off as serene, and then Tae Zu comes in, but not hard. The beat has a light feel to it. Then with “Who Do You” things take a turn down R&B avenue. We’re back on the hip hop trail with “Point’em Out.” This one really sets the tone for someone who knows the facts of the craft and can do it justice. It has the strongest delivery as well. Closing this one out is “Slicker Guy.” Here Tae Zu gives us his all with a cool beat. He spits the lyrics out in a way that’s easy to follow but dosed in swag. If you’re a fan of artists like Nas, check out Tae Zu today. (https://soundcloud.com/ffep/sets/the-world-of-tae-zu)

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