Dommy has his head in the game and it’s clear that he’s going places. First one out the gate features Hubbs and together the go bold with “Bland.” It really sets the tone for what Dommy is capable as an artist. He puts himself out there and lays out what he’s all about. He continues to put on the table what he’s about and why he’s in the game with “Ambition.” It’s lyrical content is telling while its beat is sickening. With “Pro’s And Cons” we have a bit of icing for this hip hop filled cake. The hook has more edge than a lot of tracks out there and really does the trick. We get a need for speed with “Realization.” Here Dommy spits the rhymes fast and in a frenzy, but it’s still audible. We hit the street in a cool way with “Bi-Polar.” It has a more raw feel than the rest, while still maintaining a sense of cool. Being from Erie, Pennsylvania he should try and hook up with another emcee from that area – I$O Jyn. With that, we’ll sign off so you can sign on and check out Dommy. (

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