T Villa Makes the Motor City Pop

t-villa-reviewT Villa has a lot to offer when you visit his Soundcloud page. There are a lot of tracks to choose from, but the following are the ones that stood a little taller next to the rest. Right out the gate “Callin Me” showcases what T Villa is working with; precision and great lyricism. He shares the stage with Biz on “Those Days” for this slow jam that has a R&B twist. That seems to be his secret weapon, tagging on the sweet sounds of R&B. He goes hard though on songs like “All The Time” though, so don’t assume he relies heavily on one genre or the other — it’s a good mix throughout. The same goes for “Heavy Made” as well. T Villa reps his hometown and makes it proud from start to finish with “Detroit Made” featuring Stretch Money. If you’re into young MCs who sound like they’ve been at it for years, check out Detroit’s T Villa. (https://soundcloud.com/tvilla-1)

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