Madi Gra Gets In Your Face

mardi-gra-reviewMadi Gra is an MC who likes to keep the pace while being in your face. “T-Shirt” featuring BackYardBand, Miss Titi & Brave interweaves a lot of artists into one song that sounds professional and stands high thanks to a feminine hook. With Uno by his side on “Raw” Madi Gra keeps things going on a high note with the well, raw energy. When you see the name “OJ” you tense up because your mind goes to that one guy in the white car in that high speed chase, but then you can relax because this song makes you forget any taboos that come with those initials. “Load Em Up” featuring Garvey and Big G plays into what you love about certain hip hop; that idea of flashy lifestyles. Phat Rabbit and Dave Mo help out Madi on “She A Freak.” This one goes out to all the girls out there who might fall under that label. It almost sounds like Lil Mama is on this track. “Ima Crank” is a party anthem song for sure. The repetition allows for you to get lost in the beat instead of the lyrics and it goes hard. If you’re into hip hop that’s about a good time, but plays a little rough, check out Madi Gra. (

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