Cain Onetwoone Plays It Smooth

Cain-Onetwoone-reviewCain Onetwoone is a MC who can be hard as ice, but smooth as butter. “Sh!t Freestyle” featuring D-Mac starts out sort of futuristic until the lyricist drops in with intimidation. That feeling fades when you get to “Slow” featuring some help from Mi’Ahni. It’s much easier on the ears and flows like a radio hit. It’s fast and fun, and has a good hook to it. Woo Child hops on “All Gone” for a good, wild time that results in what could be likened to a summer anthem. Woo also sits well with Cain Onetwoone and Young Haze on “I Got It.” It keeps energies high as the fast delivery comes through loud and clear. You may want to end up Cain Onetwoone’s girl when you hear “Go 2 Girl.” He goes from the street to the romance section in the now defunct Blockbuster. Then there’s “Go To Work.” That’s a statement maybe two people in the world want to hear, but it’s a song way more would want to hear on a daily basis. If you’re into MCs who bring it, check out Cain Onetwoone. (

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