Syfa Muezic Takes You From NY to NC

Syfa Muezic Takes You From NY to NCBorn in the Bronx, but raised in North Carolina Syfa Muezic is going above and beyond to combine the sounds of where he came into this world and where he calls home into music that represents both places, as well as himself. I’m not too familiar with the North Carolina area or its music scene, but I am sure that Syfa’s music is on point with hip hop that’s out and about today. “Someone Who’s Real” starts out strong and gets right into it. It doesn’t make you wait around, and holds your attentions the whole way through. Plus it has a good story to it. “Theropy” proves Syfa has good since of self-esteem. He knows he’s worth your time and even calls himself egotistical. He says egotistical, we say confidant. Syfa also chases “Dreams” and talks about what the hood life can do to individuals in “The Life.” Then we end with something Spongebob Squarepants would back, “#IMREADY.” If you’re into social aware hip hop that still has a flare for the street, check out Syfa Muezic. (