Nathaniel O’Rear Showcases Bravery

Nathaniel O'Rear Showcases Bravery

Nathaniel O'Rear Showcases BraveryNathaniel O’Rear is not afraid to face people’s biggest fears when it comes to his music, a style of hip hop that’s unafraid and eerie at times. We will start with something a little lighter though and make our way to the dark side. “Just A Dream” takes is slow but plays it cool, while “My Otha Bitch” serves its purpose well. O’Rear is never sorry for the rhymes he spits out, especially when it comes to tracks like “Unapologetic.” There is a lot of rap to be had in his music, but O’Rear offers up some R&B flare with “No Way.” Now on to the darker side of things in O’Rear’s music. “Death” sounds like an old church hymn at first; soulful. Then he comes in and faces death. This may be why “Ghost” was even spookier to listen to soon after. If you’re in the market for an MC that is not scared of anything, and puts force that bravery in their lyrics, then check out Nathaniel O’Rear. (

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