Sunspinnaz: Stream Of Thoughts

Sunspinnaz ReviewYou don’t hear from too many rappers from up north. Yes, there’s Drake – but who else do they got? To answer that right away, Sunspinnaz. More than one voices make up this rap group and last year they came together to drop “Stream Of Thought.” Opening with “Dreamscape,” we hear what could be compared to a LA rap feel with a modern twist because you could hear this cruising down the Venice Beach boulevard. We get some rock inspired riffs as “Sleeping With The Wolves” comes into play, while “The Seductress” comes through with a seductive manner. When you dive deeper into the record, what it rounds out to be is a playful album that is well performed and crafted that you’d find on the playlists of college kids from Canada to LA to back east. It has this youthful spirit without that’s undeniable. If you’re into artists like Wiz Khalifa and Shwayze, check out “Stream Of Thought” by Sunspinnaz, out now. (

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