K.o Goes for the Knockout!

K.o ReviewSounding like something from the Harlem Renaissance when it starts, K.o’s “Snakes” welcomes you in with a throwback sound but then takes things into today with his rapid fire rhymes that are mellowed out by the chorus. We don’t get that interesting welcome with “More What They Want.” Instead K.o gets right to the action and starts spitting his take on reality as soon as things get rolling. In “Gone” it’s like he’s coming from a different record as the sound doesn’t really match up stylistically with the other tracks to come before it. Last up, “Tryna Fuck Me Over” let’s us end on a high note. The lighthearted tings really take you away from the subject matter for a second. Then you’re pulled back in as soon as K.o starts laying things out. If you’re a fan of rappers who come hard, check out New York’s K.o. (https://soundcloud.com/kaydoto/tracks)

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