Mike Otey is More Than Okay

Mike Otey ReviewComing from Fairbanks, this is a man who is all about serving for the greater good. Our time with Mike Otey starts out with “Stop The Violence.” A PSA of sorts, he takes this opportunity to spread a great message in a time where every other day on the news we’re bombarded with stories of people losing their lives to guns. Flipping the script and heading more towards the traditional hip hop, “Drank In Ya Cup” and “Maker Her Dance” featuring Franchi$e Corleone take us from the soap box and straight to the dance floor. Flipping once again, Mike Otey then goes for some romance with “Treat Her Good.” It’s not everyday you hear a rap song like this and it’s refreshing. While Mike Otey can make you want to hit the club, he also can make you think. He’s a balanced act, so check him out now! (https://soundcloud.com/mike-otey)

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