Stranga The Great Makes You Go Bonkers

stranga-the-great-reviewStranga The Great comes straight to you from Fayetteville, North Carolina and brings along a lot of skills. “Bonkers” comes out of the gate with a wild force and then it settles into its groove just right. Ford Tough came through for his boy by doing his thing producing and putting a good spin on “Crime Scene Ugly.” One of the best to roll out of Stranga The Great is “Mayback Massacre.” It is like a mixture of the intellectuality of Common and the streets of gangsta’ rap. That best of mentality continues as “Time Is Money” comes through with a fresh vibe, and as you’re getting comfortable with that…You can hop on and enjoy “The Highway” well. If you’re into music that’s like Redman and Pharoah Monche, check out Stranga The Great. (

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