Starranko: The Manhattan Project

starranko-reviewStarranko’s “The Manhattan Project” offers up a wide variety that all falls under the hip hop umbrella. “Hallelujah” name drops a lot, but all in all “screams it out like Kendrick” while “Real Love” continues to use others name — Kelly Rowland for example. There is a big difference here though. This one goes harder in the beat. “Gucci” lightens it up in both the subject manner and the beat. “Hands Up” speeds it up like the “Fast and Furious” franchise, just as “Just Us” slows it down in the best way possible. The truth about Starranko is that he can bring it in any way shape or form — so long as it falls into the hip hop category. He can go hard, but soften it up in an instant. It’s all good with Starranko, so if you like variety from artists check “The Manhattan Project” out now. (

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