Sshabazz Da Lamb Covers All Grounds

Sshabazz Da Lamb Covers All GroundsSshabazz Da Lamb is not a character in an urban children’s tale or that of a cuddly animal at a petting zoo in an inner city. It’s the name of a MC that hails from Colorado Springs right in the US of A. Again, do not let small kids near Sshabazz until they reach about 13 (that’s good, right?) – maybe a little older as Sshabazz’s lyrics can sometimes come on very parental advisory. Those who are of age can take in Da Lamb in all his glory on tracks that are suited for the new Grand Theft Auto 5 like “Ima Give It 2 You” and “Play Night.” Things were not always about getting girls though and showing them a good time like in the aforementioned tracks. Some were very disconnected from the rest and had a more mature outlook musically like “Still Connected” and “Hit List.” The street life mentality did ring strong and true with “4Ridaz” in which you can hear an ode to the mantra, “Ride or Die.” Despite the title of “Big Bang Theory,” it was not about the CBS hit comedy, but as entertaining. Sshabazz Da Lamb laments that he’s going to “Get On It,” and it refers to the beat, and he does just that in an array of songs that span from “for adults only” to mature hip hop. (