Lil’ Axe And the Rest of the Valley Boy Records Family

Lil' Axe And the Rest of the Valley Boy Records FamilyFamily is one of the most important things in life. Two other great things are the fact that when you get older you can pick your family and music. Valley Boy Records is more than a collection of artists with skills and style, it is a bonafide family. This handful of artists includes the likes of Lil’ Axe who can do no wrong when paired with his musical brother Mister Tee on tracks like “Getting Axed.” You know an artist is serious when an artist uses the verb of their name. Mister Tee seems like the one to sit at the head of the table as he is featured on almost every track from the pack. Be it with his boy Str8 Jacket on the fitting “Family” and “Nocturnal” or with Dirty D on the fantastic, recognizable remix of a club anthem of yesteryear, “Don’t Hurt Me” and the questionable yet entertaining “Do I Offend You” and “Bitches.” Lil’ Axe is certainly in good company with MCs like these to surround his game. Keep an eye out for more to come from Valley Boy Records and their family of talent. (