SouthMaine Is Scoring Big

SouthMaine ReviewSouthMaine is a multifaceted artist that’s got his bases covered and is ready to score the home run. “Get It Now” is a song you can definitely listen to on repeat, and so is “Salute” but for different reasons. The first is more easygoing and the second is a powerhouse of energy. It reminded me a little of Cash Money back in the late ’90s. You get some R&B with the start of “Hold U Down.” It’s a different approach and refreshing to hear amidst all the rhymes. They complement one another well. The best from SouthMaine comes with honesty in the form of “Truth.” It takes all the elements of what he’s about and tosses them in one track; it’s energetic, abrasive and memorable. Rounding things out are a few more soulful tracks like “I Can’t Believe” and “Don’t Leave.” SouthMaine is a well-rounded individual definitely worth your time, so check him out ASAP. (

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