Smoke: Kendall Jenner – Who Am Eye?

Smoke ReviewSmoke’s latest “Kendall Jenner – Who Am Eye?” is out now and we’re getting into it. It starts off with a slow jam, “Root Of All Evil,” and then picks up with a what sounds like a radio favorite, “Letter 2 God.” As we roll along, “Pu$$y Game” starts off kind of rocky, but finds its footing in the end. It’s definitely a song that would make someone blush. As soon as that one ends and we think this is all about being a player, but then “I Need You” comes through and showcases some heart. In “Music Industry” I expected to hear more digs at the realm, but it was a little light. In the end Smoke has a great set of tracks in his bag on “Kendall Jenner – Who Am Eye?” out now! (

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