What’s the science behind your name? Or is there any?

My name is Sigon, which is short for Saigon the place

in Vietnam. I am a big military warfare fan, and I

recall that Saigon is where all our U.S. soldiers were

sent and it wasn’t a pleasant place. In Saigon chaos

and havoc was daily life. Originally, KAOS was my

name but being too common, I made it Sigon because I

live in chaos and havoc all the time.

What do you think of Mainstream Hip Hop?

I think mainstream hip-hop serves it’s purpose.

Artists like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z, and other draw

people who may never listen to hip-hop into the

culture. I mean it’s hard to have an underground

without a mainstream scene. The problem is, a lot of

individuals are quick to call them sellouts just

because popular culture have jumped onto their songs.

I mean, I don’t know too many underground heads that

have a problem bumping some mainstream hip-hop at a

party when they are dancing, so why be ashamed that

you listen to it?

How was your upbringing?

Well, first off my mother did crack and coke when she

was pregnant with me, which caused my right eye’s

optic never to be under-developed so I am blind in one

eye. Yet, that’s not were the trouble ends, I was put

up for adoption at birth and was adopted. When I was

six, my parents got divorced and I was forced to move

to Los Angeles with my adopted mother. We moved to

the San Fernando Valley and I learned about hip-hop

from the mainly Hispanic culture. While my stay in

L.A. we moved from Reseda to Van Nuys and then to

Burbank. My mother constantly was busy working three

jobs trying to provide for me and my other adopted

brother. Then when I was thirteen I moved back to

Bakersfield, Ca with my adopted father and brought

back a more rough personality. My, father who is an

alcoholic didn’t even pay attention to me. I grew up

feeling like an individual surrounded by families. I

never felt loved and made myself work hard and strive

for success. When I was sixteen, I moved back with my

mother who had moved back to Bakersfield, Ca and since

she is a workaholic, I still felt like I didn’t have

my “families” attention.

What inspired you to become a hip-hop artist?

Since my days in L.A. I had been aware of hip-hop. I

had always dreamt of growing up and being a famous

entertainer, and that’s where I got the idea. I would

imagine me coming off a show where I had sold out The

Great Western Forum. Yet, I hadn’t decided hip-hop

was my way until I heard “Triumph” by the Wu-Tang

Clan, especially Inspectah Deck’s part where he

dropped a lot of knowledge. It impressed me and made

me wanna do it. Then one day I got online and started

writing lyrics at Loud Records Battle Forum, and from

there I started getting really interested and started

working on hip-hop 100%.

What other hip hop groups do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of underground groups such as

Yakuza, Cali Agents, MHz, Extended F@mm, Pack*Y*Stan,

ILLStar, and many more. I also listen to artists like

Cage, Teflon, Apathy, Session, Mos Def, Talib Kweli,

Wannabattle, Planet Asia, Phife Dawg, De La Soul,

Wu-Tang, Cormega, M.O.P, Eyedea, iCON The Mic King,

J.U.I.C.E., Chino XL, and more.

How would you describe your music?

Punchlines mixed with metaphors over banging beats. I

don’t spit that gangster shit, and I don’t spit drug

shit. To me I rhyme about life, and the struggles

involved with it. Yet I stay true to hip-hop in the

sense that it grew through the art of battling and

since I got my start there. It’s one of the aspects

that make up my artistic style.

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a person who really cares

about people. I’m more than Sigon the emcee. I’m

Devin the guy who is doing what he can to grow as a

person. I mean, hip-hop is a way for my to express my

mind yet it’s not what defines me. I mean I listen to

all types of music, so I try to be a diverse person

like my music.

What are your future musical plans?

I plan to release my first LP entitled “Breakin It

Down” with a local Bakersfield record label called

Dream On Records. The album will feature local

Bakersfield artists as well as other emcees I have met

via the Internet and at shows.

Out of the songs you’ve created, what is your personal

favorite, and why?

My favorite song is probably “Unorthodox Whut!!!” ft.

FLow siK, Mental, Jack Knife, & BruvaG because it

shows how hip-hop can unite people around the country.

The track features artist from all over the country

and it shows that hip-hop has all different styles,

and it makes for a great show.

Where can fans listen to some of your music?

Everyone can catch my music at

Have you ever rocked events, if so, what was your

favorite event you rocked?

Yes, my favorite event was my first-ever live battle.

It was at my high school at a show called “The Variety

Show” and featured me battling this kid named Daz Kaz

and it was the first time people locally saw I could

rhyme. I impressed the crowd and beat the kid. I

will never forget it because in the middle of the

second round Daz Kaz said “Look it’s another cracker

tryin to be black again” and some white kid ran on

stage and it almost started a riot at my school. It’s

was an interesting experience in which kids at my

school still remember.

Have you ever found Jesus?

Yes, I was saved in Aug. of 2000. My g/f took me to

her youth group and I started to talk to her youth

pastor questions and he had me read the book of John,

and I prayed to be saved. Ever since then, I have

felt God in my life and things have been great. In

fact, during the spring break of 2001 I went to

Mexicali with an organization called YUGO which is an

outreach program to reach youths in Mexico.

How long have you been rhyming? How do you see hip

hop, and you? Do you see Hip Hop as a religion, art,

culture, a career, job, or just a hobby?

To me hip-hop is an art and culture. All tracks to me

are just as artistic as a piece of classical music. I

mean, when I heard a great hip-hop track it makes me

think, yet it sounds like a masterpiece. But, it’s

also a form of therapy to me. When I’m angry I write

lyrics about what I’m upset about, which helps me deal

with the situation.

Do you have any hip hop quotables that you live by?

Any song lyrics ever touched you?

“I feel great even though we got mad things to deal

wit/ happiness is all in the mind/ let’s go out and

find a reason to smile/ I’m just glad to be living,

feeling fine/ leaving my bad times behind”- dead prez

from “happiness”

That line just made me think real hard about me having

a negative attitude; I mean it really makes me be


“Sometimes I stand under a street lamp, and talk to my

shadow/ cause even through dark times, he knows what I

go through”- Rasputin of C.O.R.E. from “Nature’s Eye


That line really is how I felt for along time. My

shadow was my only friend, and it was the only that

really knew me.

Do you have any shot outs you would like make?

Yes I would like to shoutout to everyone at Dream On

Records including my manger Flex. You all are helping

me get to that next level. I’d like to give shoutouts

to the whole Unorthodox Krew (ya’ll know who you are)

you guys have always shown me love and helped support

me. Pack FM, for being there to listen to what I had

to say and giving me your advice and showing me what

it takes to be great. All the producers who have made

tracks for me, ya’ll every talented people and I have

a lot of respect for ya’ll. If you ever need someone

to throw you some exposure just hit me up. Props to

Lordeast at, this kid has been there

since day one. I mean he’s always been supportive and

helped me with graphics, whether it was my “Iller Than

You! EP” or banners for my site, he was always

willing to hook me up with help. Jaintor at for always answering my annoying

questions and being helpful, he was always quick at

adding me to his station and his underground section.

I respect him greatly for running such a huge board

without any real serious problems. Blaze & Kumaro at for just being curious in my music. ALL

the people who have contacted whether live, or on the

Net that have told me they like my music. I mean,

without my fans I wouldn’t have anything and for that

I am truly thankful.

Artist Spotlight —

A lot of white emcees are being compared to Eminem and

Eyedea (the white kid who won the 2000 Blaze Battle by

Blaze Magazine & HBO). What is it that makes you

different than those two artists?

We’ll for one thing Eminem is a hip-hop artist who has

a lot of negativity in all his songs. His lyrics are

violent and offensive and I think he’s been dragged

out of his character into this media superstar which

is seen in songs like “Kim” and “97 Bonny N Clyde”.

The difference is that, I don’t have his negative side

or his vulgarity. I do hip-hop that is about my life,

not about old men and viagra and shit like that. It

sometimes makes me sick knowing that people buy his

music for the simple fact that it offends people. The

difference between Eyedea and I is that Eyedea is a

straight up battler and I am not. He goes to battles

and destroys emcees with freestyles, and I concentrate

on doing tracks in the studio and putting them out.

So I don’t see any comparison to either one of these

artists besides the simple fact that our skin tone is

the same.

What projects have you completed and what is in the


Well I completed my first ever EP which is called

“Iller Than You” and is available at

and showcases my early work as an emcee. I have also

done many battle audios against some of the Net’s best

emcees such as Rubix*, ViRTuaL, QuOte One*,

SpainshPhly, APOLLO, DOULJA, InTaCt, Venom of the

First Legacy Krew, BalPlaya, DOX, Rasputin of

C.O.R.E., and many more.

I am in the works of finishing my first LP which is

called “Breakin It Down” and is due out in the summer

of 2001.

You’ve said that your album is going to feature some

artists that you have met. Give us some names of

artists that will be involved in you LP.

My album will have artists such as F-Tezzy from Dream

On Records. Micat That Bitch who is known for

recording a track with E-40. I am working on a track

with the Yakuza Krew, as well as trying to do a track

with Pack FM and Xpoondiggy. My album will also see

appearances from hopefully OkWeRdZ, and ILL LITERITE.

I have more people in mind, but they are still in the

working so I can’t really say their names.

Peace. Respect. Props.


Interview By DaHipHopPlace.Com

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