Thriving new artist Kofezi from LaGrange Georgia has been working hard to create a sound that his fans can relate to. Delivering a message that is positive and inspirational showing that no matter where you’re from it doesn’t dictate where you’re going. Kofezi has been creating music since the early 90s where he became affiliated with Greenhouse muzic. Kofezi has been featured on many collaborations with Owt of Orders Ent. D Hud, and several other local artists. Kofezi has performed at various venues including vinyl Center Stage,Atl Ga. His most recent up and coming events include Coast to Coast artist showcase which he will participate in June 2017. Kofezi became affiliated with Kpcreations January 2017, where he released his new album K.A.M.F. Kofezi Newly Released Album K.A.M.F Single “They Don’t Know Me” will be available on Spotify, Amazon, Google, and in several other online stores June 2017
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