Kazyak – ‘Happy Camping

Kazyak – ‘Happy Camping

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The main picture of the band is all of them lined up behind one another so you can see their faces. There is one female in the band picture and she’s smiling. The four other band members are male and they are wearing straight faces. In the background behind them the only thing that is clear is some groups of white skinny trees. It’s great to see the faces of the creators of the music. This way while you listen to the music you can create a better picture in your mind of what’s going on in the songs. Also there is a great introduction article to the album, featuring one of the band members Peter Frey. He gives the reason for the band name and the album title. They are about the idea of, “Everything is fine.” This is a great way of prefacing the album. The music is very even and relaxed, just as a Happy Camper is relaxed. Frey said he worked on the music just before his wedding and his search for a steady state of mind.

Sacred Cow is the first song on the playlist. Peter Frey called the music “Experimental Americana,” but in a conventional sense the music has a distinct Indie feel with soft voices and guitar playing softly in the background. Then the sound in the song progresses to a faster beat. It starts again with louder guitar and then begins to include vocals. The next song in the album is titled Sundial. It has the same tone and genre. This song has a faster pace and starts to use louder guitar sooner than the previous song. The guitar quickly tones down, though, when the vocals appear. This really helps to accentuate those beginning lyrics. The pace picks up after that and pulls the listener through the rest of the relaxing song. Basin is the next piece on the list. This song starts out much slower and has a patient thump to keep the slow tempo. The drums are really highlighted in this work. In between the lyrics there is “ooo’s” which really add to the slower pace of the song and makes for an even pace.

When I lived in Carolina is the next song on the list. The steadiness of the other pieces holds true with this one as well. Lines like a “Bed of perfect roses,” really work well with this theme of balance and peace. Then we are transitioned steadily to the next piece, Darker. This song begins with a more rock sounding guitar. There are fewer vocals in the song. The last work on the album is titled Happy Camping. This album has very consistent sounding songs, and this is no exception. Happy Camping is a song that sounds like it would be the last song. The slow strums of the guitar at the beginning are a great way to indicate that it will be the last song in the list. “Smoke as it clears,” is a line from the song and this really is a great image for this song as well. Smoke clearing is an indication of something great ending.

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Aaron Jennings

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