1. What’s the science behind your name? Or Is there any?

I’ve always been told that my rhymes made pictures where people can understand and relate to what I am saying; that they made alot of “sense” and since the name was already taken, I decided on mine and changed the spelling.

2. How was your upbringing?

I am 100% Dominican and born in the Dominican Republic, but moved here when I was little. I was raised and lived in since the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. Living there, you learn to survive, but I wouldn’t trade one moment of it for anything.

3. What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

Just rhyming with my boys and doing my thing on the corner, and I realized I had a knack and passion for it and decided that this is what I want to do with my life.

4. What other hip hop groups do you listen to?

My managers Al & Elix may not agree, but I believe that the best of all time are Nas, Biggie and Jay. Since getting with them, I do have a greater appreciation for artists such as KRS, Rakim and Kane though.

5. How would you describe your music?

I feel that my style is varied, but talking about the streets is my

favorite, because I have seen and been through alot, and speaking of it is what I can relate to the most.

6. How would you describe yourself?

Laid back, fun and outgoing. Normally when I first meet someone, i’m reserved but over time I open up more.

7. What are your future musical plans?

Just continuing to get better, doing more shows, increasing album sales, and ultimately getting a major deal.

8. Out of the songs you’ve created, what is your personal favorite, and why?

There was a song I did back in the day that is still dear to me called “Fuck You”, but now it has got to be “Queen of Mine”, “Get Up” and “Unsigned Hype”

9. Where can fans listen to some of your music?

I have samples on the site,, which is where you can also purchase the album, and I heard that 3 songs were on Napster. If that is true, then things are going to be large from there.

10. Have you ever rocked events, if so, what was your favorite event you rocked?

I’ve done shows in New York, Boston, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Maine. I’d have to say two places; one I did in New York at this comedy club where I had 30 of my peoples there and I got a standing ovation. It was really touching. The other was last year in Maine, where I wasn’t feeling well and opened for this MC battle. I got the biggest applause and I was treated like a celebrity that night and I want it to continue forever.

11. Why should fans listen to your music? What do you think people will get from listening to your music?

Because even though I am a minority, and live in an urban area, a white person living in the suburbs can understand, accept and enjoy my music. Not everyone can relate, but I feel like I paint a picture that they can see clearly.

12. How long have you been rhyming? How do you see hip hop, and you? Do you see Hip Hop as a religion, art, culture, a career, job, or just a hobby?

I been rhyming for about 6 years seriously. I see hip-hop as something that helps define me and will continue to do so. I see hip-hop as all of the above in that it embodies me and I will use my God given abilities to the best of myself and make a living off of it in the process.

13. Do you have any hip hop quotables that you live by? Any song lyrics ever touched you?

“Streets is Watching”. No matter how popular or famous you become, you got to always remember where you came from because you may have to go back there some day.

14. Where can fans purchase a copy of your album? It’s definitely a hot piece of artistry, so don’t leave us hanging.

Thanks, I am very proud of it. When we got our first sale, I knew things would get better. It can be purchased on, but will soon be available at this site as well.

15. What online resources have been useful to you in lending their support?

Well, I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t mention

‘’, but other than you guys, all the marketing and

promotion is left up to Elix. He always tells me to “shut up and rhyme” and he does his hustle.

16. Tell us more about Chaos Eternal Entertainment, and the masterful production of Elix Brown and Al Cora.

I can’t forget Johnny Juice, cause he did the intro, outro, Get Up and The Basics. Elix does everything against the grain and sometimes we bump heads, and sometimes it is rough, but he truly has my back to the end. When I rhyme, he asks like he ain’t listeing, but he can tell afterwards what mistakes I made and help me correct them. Al is the back bone of Chaos Eternal for sure. Though it may seem like Elix does the majority of the work, Al truly makes things happen. Nothing happens without Al and his beats are not conventional, and made me step up in my rhyming ability.

17. When referring to your music we said, “one could easily draw

similarities to Nasty Naz”, is that a fair assessment? Do you think you compare?

No one compares, but my head got HUGE when I read it for real. I wish I could measure up to him sooner than later.

18.Tell us more about the track entitled “In My Lifetime”. Is there any special meaning behind this song?

It truly represents me and where I live and what I have been through. I was so appreciative when Al let me listen to the track, it said “SENCE” right away.

19. Any last words?

Thank you to everyone who supported and continue to keep indy rap alive.

20. Do you have any shot outs you would like to make?

My family, Michelle, my love forever, Melrose Ave., Brooklyn USA, and last but not least Al and asshole extroidanaire Elix.

Interview By DaHipHopPlace.Com

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