SHAWTY_WEE_Da_Re-up-frontWhen you want things to start and never stop, dive into Shawty Wee’s latest mixtape, “Da Re-Up.” It comes at you fast with the first track, “Just Cooling.” There’s nothing chill about this track. It’s an intense look at the emcee’s start and what he’s all about today. Speaking about what he’s all about…”All Bout Money” is a throwback to when rap started to be about the Benjamins, but it has this modern sound to it. In “Dice Game” Shawty sets things up for a party vibe, but it actually remains a laid back trip through the end. Rolling into “My Dayz” we hear a maturation of the rhymes. It goes from the money and the streets to something with a little more substance. If you’re a fan of artists like Lil Wayne and Tyga, check out Shawty Wee’s latest, “Da Re-Up,” out now. (

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