Sar Dogg is Growing

Sar Dogg is GrowingSar Dogg is an MC who gives it their all, but has room to grow. “Flip Some Furniture” sounds like some of the first hip hop to come out, where it’s raw and the beats sound straight from a basement studio. “Feels Like Another One” mentions having the best of both worlds, it’s not a Hannah Montana remix though, it’s about being on top of your life. The rhymes are simple ones like “dinner” and “winner” the whole time. It’s an easy to learn song, as is “Mysterious Daydreamer” because it’s an instrumental cut from Sar Dogg. It plays smoothly and doesn’t fall flat. Sar picks things up with “Get The Fuck Out Of My Way.” The message in this one is loud and clear. It’s driven by the attitude of Sar Dogg and is possibly the direction Dogg may take as Sar Dogg’s rap game matures and continues to grow. “Moved On” seems to be the pace at which Sar Dogg feels comfortable rapping at. She actually adds something new to the song by singing a little here and there. If you’re a fan of rap and want to watch an artist on their journey, check out Sar Dogg. (

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