Buke Makes Your Booty Pop

Buke Makes Your Booty PopBuke is a MC who is all about making you move about to his dirty party ways. “Betty Bop” featuring Max Vista starts off poppin’. You know from that build up that it’s going to be a good time the whole way through. The background noise keeps you hyped until Buke bursts in and from there the energy doesn’t stop as he points out bootys that are like mountains. That’s definitely an ear catching lyric. Cue helps out Buke on “Make It Work.” It’s one of those songs that has that sexy whisper going on and it indeed will remind people of the Ying Yang Twins in that respect. At this point, it’s clear to see that Buke likes to bring his musical pals along for the ride and make music that makes the ladies shake what their mamas gave them. That’s the case for all of the above, and is one hundred percent the case when it comes to “Tapout” featuring Clark Moses. If you’re into music that’s all about the energy of a night out, check out Buke. (