Primetime Does It Big

Primetime Does It BigPrimetime does his musical crafting down in Dallas, Texas. Is it true; is everything bigger in the Lone Star State? Well right off the bat you get a big dose of energy and power from “Work” where Primetime teams up with Sir Bishop. It sounds like a collaboration you would find on Cash Money back in the late 90’s. That same sound can be heard in the very catchy “Stripper Chick.” Even if hip hop isn’t your first choice when it comes to genres, this one ropes you in. Primetime proves he’s got more up his sleeve than dollar bills for the scantily clad ladies with the very easygoing “2 Many Members” and “Original Gangsta.” Then he gets back to what he’s best at, although slowing it done fits him well, with “We Don’t’ Give a Fuck” featuring Tre and “Original Gangsta.” Whether you want to enjoy the “Summer Time” or that “Lavish Life,” Primetime has you covered. Check him out if you don’t believe me. (

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