To me modern art has always been when you take multiple things that have nothing to do with one another and make it work in a unique space. I’m not saying RodMiS is the next famous artist at LACMA, but I could compare songs like “Come & Go” and “S.O.N. (Somebody or Nobody)” to modern art pieces. “Come & Go” paired up an old timey musical number with today’s rap and while RodMiS continued on, that hint of the past played in the background. It resulted in something eerie, like a lonesome record player in a horror movie that’s continuously spinning. The other, “S.O.N.,” matched up a Denzel Washington monologue with a rap, results were great. It wasn’t all art though, some were just good songs like “L.O.S.T. Intro” and “Emotions” which was produced by Stevie France. There were even times when the rhymes sounded like something from Childish Gambino’s side of the game, “Wavelengths” and again, “S.O.N.” If you’re into hip hop that’s got layers and is versatile, then check out RodMiS. (

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