Lil Rope Ropes You In

Lil Rope Ropes You InHave you ever heard of Callahan, Florida? Me either, but you’ll soon know it as the home of Lil Rope, an MC who likes three basics in life, or at least his; money, women and partying. All three elements are laid out loud and clear in his music. “Projectx” which likely pays homage to the movie MTV put out. You can’t deny Lil Rope likes to party, I mean he says “every night’s a party.” “Bars” keeps the party going with a Tyga vibe while “Cloud 9 Paradise” calls attention to the females on Lil Rope’s mind with a slow pace. The slow pace continues on with the best from Lil Rope, “Skye.” The beat, the flow, everything in-sync and is perfect. Then there’s the dollar bill infatuation with “Dead Presidents.” Three bases loaded and it’s a homerun for Lil Rope. If you’re into acts like Tyga, check out Lil Rope. (

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