Ryder ReviewA lot of artists from Miami are all about that club and party music, not Ryder. “I Like What She Do” starts this party right. It has this beat that sounds like something you’d rarely hear in hip hop, but rather something you’d hear at an EDM show. In “Got Her Own” a feminist anthem is born. That was very unexpected coming from a male artist, so that’s refreshing in a way. With “Do My Thing” Ryder slows things down and presents a new side of his act. Here he plays with the R&B just a little. That continues as “T-Shirts and Panties” begins. As we head towards the end of our time with Ryder, we get “Long Time Sound” and a little aggression in his delivery. As for the music, we’re still keeping it pretty chill. If you’re a fan of hip hop that takes the slow lane, but can speed up and keep up with the pack – check out Ryder today. (https://soundcloud.com/yungryde88)

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