Mulah is Worth the Expense

mulah reviewClaiming to be from a place called Nicetown, USA, Mulah brings a classic, steady pace to the hip hop table. “5 On It” has a good beat that takes you back to the late ‘90s but the lyrics and the pace of what Mulah is doing, keeps you in the present. With “Smile” he dishes out the chill pills to anyone who’ll listen. This laid back track will ensure you leave with a smile, so pass it along. His pal Ambitious hops on to help out with a couple of tracks including “Hollyweezy.” It has a sense of energy we have yet to hear from Mulah. His boy brings it out in him. In the other he and Ambitious keep the spirits high with “What We Do.” In “The Ride” the reality of his storytelling stands out above everything else and it’s clear that he is a wordsmith above everything. If you’re into emcees who write with their heart, then check out Mulah today. (

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