Reality Zay: The Reality Show

Reality Zay The Reality ShowReality Zay’s “The Reality Show” demo is for fans of good, clean hip hop. “Dreams I” has a great R&B flare at the start and then it goes into a clean cut rap delivery. You can find good messages in “Our Future” and can see the light with it. Get a little romantic with “I Wanna Marry You.” It’s possibly the best you’ll find on “The Reality Show.” Everything falls into place with this one and it shines. Well. that song is great but it may be outdone by the hook in “Ready to Live.” Wrapping things up and rouding out the record is “Heaven or Hell.” It has a very ’90s vibe to it, like something you’d hear musically from an artist like Mos Def – based on the beat. All in all you’ll get a realistic outlook on life with Reality Zay’s “The Reality Show,” so rightfully titled this one. So check it out today because it’s been out since June, so stop waiting and go for it. (

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