Qualteau ReviewQualteau is a hip hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina that does it up good. “A-1” is as good as the steak sauce, while “Feeling Good” offers up a track with a great hook that’ll be the reason it gets stuck in heads. One of the better of the bunch though it the “She Do It.” The fast pace and beat really allows for it to be a club anthem. You can see both men and women enjoying this one, strongly. We slow things down with “Down to Business.” It’s not the most hype, but it gives you a break to cool down. “Hit Da Trap” brings the energy back and it’s good. Another fresh track from Qualteau has to be “Carolina Pimpin.” It’s got a dance to it, never quits and really down Carolina proud. That one sounds like some old school Cash Money records right there, for sure. So if you like your hip hop served up fresh, check out Qualteau today. (https://www.reverbnation.com/Qualteau)

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