Ras Kass – Home Sweet Home b/w 4 Much

Ras Kass – “Home Sweet Home” b/w “4 Much” This is one of those 12’s with the serious difference between the A and B-sides. The styles on both are completely different. To put it bluntly, one is good and one is just a notch above wack. “Home Sweet Home” carries the Alchemist beat that was sold to Jadakiss, as well. Both have released singles, so it’s a competition–naturally. Ras rips it nicely over the beat with some quotable lines like, “…and that’s big time like grandfather clocks”. Otherwise, as a whole, the track is just an example of some good rhyming. Ras is a die-hard west coast emcee, but the A-side doesn’t have a huge west coast feel to it. At least it seems that way after hearing the Bad-side–excuse me–B-side. Flip the wax over to hear a song featuring Bad Azz, Nate Dogg, and Tash. There’s west coast all over this track, which wouldn’t be too bad if this didn’t sound like a WC track. Bad Azz is like a mirrored Snoop Dogg, but with a Minnie Mouse voice. Ras drops first with a basically good verse and flow altogether. Next, Bad Azz hits the chorus up, sounding a bit like Lil’ Wayne, with his Walt Disney ass. I thought, “OK, Bad Azz is just a minor slip up. Oh, see? Here’s Tash with his usual style, not impressive, but definitely good.” Now, here comes the madness: I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it until Nate Dogg can’t sing anymore–he needs to not try to lay an R&B chorus on a pure rap song. He needs to stick with singing the hooks, which he does quite nicely. But please, someone, keep him away from the verses–Even if he only sings for a few lines, just don’t let him do it. [Jeff]

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