Juice – In The Trenches / For My Writers

Juice - In The Trenches / For My Writers

Juice – “In The Trenches” / “For My Writers”

Most remember Juice as “that guy who lost to Supernatural in that one battle they heard online.” Scratch the battles for right now, Juice is out to disprove the major record labels who say that freestyle/battle MCs can’t make a decent song. The a-side is decently-produced by the Molemen’s His-Panik, making room for a dope chorus and nice ass rhyme schemes and lyrics. The repetitive can keep you in awe line after line while he explains what real MC battling is all about. The b-side, however, proves the major record labels correct. “For My Writers” is a clever idea, in which Juice pretends to be a graffiti tool, like spray paint, in each of his three verses, nearly becoming a riddle. Juice explains that it can only be solved if you’re a “real graffiti writer.” This cut would be incredibly hot had the beat not been so timid. Creativity is important, but the track omits a generally boring vibe. As the a-side finishes it’s rotation, it’s almost disappointing to not feel like flipping the wax over. It’s almost not worth it. So how does Juice do in his quest to defeat the opinions of mainstream critics? If you value lyrics enough to ignore the subpar beat on the b-side, you’ve made Juice a winner.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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