Pulling Out All the Stops with Cali Yun-Gun

Cali Yun-Gun is coming at you straight from the Golden Coast. “Kisses On Me” is where we start this musical endeavor with this emcee from Santa Cruz, California. It’s a great place to start because it sounds like a professionally done track you’d hear playing on the radio. It’s pristine from start to finish. It kind of reminds me of something Ray J would do because of the light hip hop and the hooks. Then we get into “Played so Hard, Prayed so Long.” In just two tracks you can hear this artist’s attention to detail. Things get a little sexy with “Way She Put It Down,” and then have some company with “What Dat Cali Like” thanks to guest appearances from Taj He Spitz and Macc Milliaon. One of the best out of all that Cali Yun-Gun has to offer comes from “I Am That” featuring Hazel Doll and Young Kcaz. What’s appreciated here is the quick pace of the lyrics and the beat. We’ll end this on a high note with “Victory.” This track is a good one to go out on not only because it’ll remind hip hop fans a bit of Nas and because it tells a story of reality. If all this sounds like something you can get behind, check out Cali Yun-Gun today. (https://www.yun-gun.net )

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