G-LAMAR ReviewEver heard of Lubbock, Texas? Well it’s where G-LAMAR is sitting spitting rhymes and just in time for you to check him out. “Swing My Way” has a great hook but the verses don’t quite match up. The hook comes through light while G-LAMAR comes at you very low key. When you get to “F.CK U” you get a more intense musical experience from this emcee. You can hear the intimidation he brings forth. What’s great is that every time you click a new joint, you get a different side of G-LAMAR. We’ve had low key, aggressive and with “Armani” it’s a little more pop driven – well as pop as one can get without getting too Top 40. It still has some street to it. As this musical journey continues and we get to “Tropic” and “So Strong” we land on “Whippin Zips.” This one stands out as a full package song. It has a great beat, hook and delivery. This is where we’d like to see G-LAMAR sit and stay. If you ever wondered what Texas had to offer in terms of rap music, wonder no more and check out G-LAMAR ASAP. (https://www.reverbnation.com/soowoopastar)

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