Kraine ReviewOut in the windy city sits Kraine’s “Kraineland” and it’s ready to blow you away. We waste no time with this record and start off right with “Savage” right out the gate. It comes hard and sets the bar high for the rest of the record. The spirits are kept high with “Walkin with Da Money.” The Paperboy TPB hops on “She Lick We Lick” to give us a naughty ditty. While C-Rock helps out with “Stunting On These Hoes” and they bring the energy and keep it up nice and good. Kraine steps out on his own with “Touchdown” and it goes for the goal in the end. When you sum up this record “Kraineland” has a lot of good tracks but the stronger ones are when Kraine has his friends by his side. If you’re a fan of Chicago style hip hop, check out Kraine now. (

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