P.L.K Has Swag

P.L.K Has SwagOver in Charlotte, North Carolina sits P.L.K. He’s an artist who combines the ways of hip hop with the coolness of R&B, much like Drake. “Shawty Got Swag” is a perfect title because not only does this shawty have swag, but the song does as well. Its smooth ways are bound to win over any lady whose ears it falls upon. It’s a romantic song with a modern twist. The sentiments continue with “My Child.” After P.L.K. lands the lady with the first song, then things happen to result in having a baby. Well this song is a sweet thing that kid can listen back to. It’s not all about the mushy stuff with this guy though. “Last Chance” picks things up a bit, but the R&B undertones are still there as the rhymes come out and are heard loud and clear. Even if you have one chance left though, you can rely on someone to be there. That’s brought to life with “You Got Me.” If you’re into rap that leans towards R&B but still has enough cred then check out what P.L.K. is working with. You won’t regret it. (https://www.facebook.com/biggregplk)

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