Doug-E Keeps It Street

Doug-E Keeps It StreetDOUG-E is a rapper who started doing music at the tender age of 14-years-old. Today he’s all grown up and taking on the rap game as an adult. “Time 2 Fight” has gun shots that make listening this in the city a hazard. Just kidding, this is a good song for listening to while indoors though. It’s like songs with sirens; not for the road. “All Day Long” is a song you can take on the go with you though but is better reserved for a party atmosphere. This is apparent thanks to the line about turning it into a “party house” and mentions of keg stands. The music on the other hand is a little like 90’s Snoop Dogg before he was a Lion. “My Freestyle” doesn’t follow any rules or regulations hence the freestyle element of it. As interesting as the title is, “Cranksta Gangsta” gets even more intriguing once you hit play. There’s a part about a minute and a half in that you’ll have to listen to because words can’t convey its oddity. If you’re a white girl looking for a street sounding anthem, well DOUG-E has made “White Girls.” It’s a demo, and needs some final touches but once the vocals are brought up and the music’s smoothed out, it’ll be good. If you’re into artists who create party songs and keep it street, check out DOUG-E. (

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