Ph®esh Gets Personal In the Big Apple

Ph®esh Gets Personal In the Big ApplePh®esh comes straight to you from New York, the Big Apple. He’s got a way with words and is both heartfelt and intriguing with his brand of hip hop. “Dear Dad” showcases that. It’s this tear jerking father tale that’s layered on top of hip hop. “Fallen Angel” actually will remind movie buffs of the beginning of “Titanic.” You know the scene where Rose first steps out of the car and then again when Celine Dion is about to belt it out. Ph®esh definitely takes you away from the movie flashback when his lyrics kick in. This New Yorker has a swag to his rapping style. It’s mid-tempo and is brought to the audience in a smooth, controlled way like in “Stray Thoughts.” Before teeny boppers flock to “One Direction,” it’s not homage to the British boy band, but rather a fresh outlook on things from Ph®esh’s perspective. If there’s anything you take from this, know it’s that Ph®esh is about laying things out and not hiding anything. He gets intensely personal with “DreamCloud” and it’s appreciated. If you’re a fan of the east coast style of rap, check out Ph®esh. (