TheKiddMega Does Things Right For Baltimore

TheKiddMega Does Things Right For BaltimoreWhere Ravens and Poe collide, Baltimore, Maryland. That’s also the place you can find TheKiddMega. His hip hop is fresh and bound to make him a contender in the game. Looking at him, you wouldn’t expect such a deep voice to escape his lips, but as “A Poets State of Mind” begins you’re taken aback by the uber-masculine vocals, but as soon as the shock wears off, you get into the story being told. It’s autobiographical without being egotistical. It’s just real and honest. He even knows how to pick the right partner when it comes to collaborations. Young Miss only adds to “Wouldn’t Be Right.” The two compliment one another well. The same goes for his track “The Need” with Lyriqs. Well he is a little confidant thanks to “Gosh Bosh.” But that one can’t compare to “Tiny Dancer,” which as expected — samples the Elton John classic. It’s hard to decide with Lyriqs feature is better, the one mentioned a second ago or “Kurt.” Give both a listen and decide, then let us know. If you’re into artists like Kendrick Lamar, then check out TheKiddMega. (