P.G Prophecy Raps Towards the Light

P.G Prophecy Raps Towards the LightP.G Prophecy is a MC who also takes his time to act as a producer too. It shows as his music is put together like a pro. His rhymes might come across harsh at first but listen closely and you’ll hear the light. “Have Mercy Part 1” is intimidating — from the deep, masculine guy singing the hook to the rapid pace of the verses. That same intimidation comes across from “BIC Rollin” to “JC Gang.” At this point the weak might be scared, but true believers can here the Lord undertones in P.G Prophecy’s music. He’s rapping for the man upstairs, and you can’t be scared of the good word from his followers. P.G Prophecy takes what can be seen as a subject not to be talked about and makes it cool to listen to. You can hear the messages of P.G Prophecy loud and clear and you glide from “Father Forgive Em” to “Where Were You.” Each track a testament of belief and faith. P.G Prophecy does his thing for the right reasons. There are a lot of rappers out there who can’t say the same thing. If you’re a fan of hip hop but don’t want it with all the negative imagery, check out P.G Prophecy. (