M.D.S. Gets His Point Across Strong

M.D.S. Gets His Point Across StrongWhen you first take a look at M.D.S. you might want to just toss him in with cliché rappers, but listening to his words, his message — you get a sense that he’s above that. M.D.S.’ “Lost” is presented like a full blown production; a movie that follows an in depth story about a young man’s life. Even the director, Flow Vision Media, gets a shout out but back to the story. This isn’t about getting women or the high society of hip hop. It’s about the reality of struggles and overcoming them and rising above them. Although lost, you can be found if you put your mind to it. M.D.S. has the gift of storytelling that can be found in the mature rhymes of MCs who take their time to get to know their surrounding, get to know the reality of the situations, dilemmas and triumphs that man faces on every day and puts them to song. He also pays tribute to the past struggles as well in “Lost.” If you’re into hip hop that has a hearty core then check out M.D.S., you won’t be disappointed. (