J Coop Serves Something Fresh

J Coop Serves Something FreshJoshua Portin is probably your every day kind of guy but when he takes on the persona of J Coop, it’s a whole other story. His rhymes never borrow from what’s out there; only add onto the existing rap scene. His freestyles on the other hand — one takes from a peculiar place but it works. “Reality Check” is fast paced when it comes to the verses and has a lot of pop culture references. The chorus is slowed down and has this pop vibe to it, in that it’s catchy like a cold. Only this is something you want to last. J Coop slows the flow for “Shining Star” just a bit. The speed comes on strong at parts but you can’t help but let the music control your head’s pace. The freestyle of “Soul Sister” takes the music from Train’s hit song by the same name. That was definitely unexpected but pretty cool to hear a song that’s usually reserved for moms, revamped with new lyrics. (