Manola G. Talbert Gives the Gift of Dance

Manola G. Talbert Gives the Gift of DanceManola G. Talbert can sing and dance like a professional and creates music that’s got a good vibe and even better beats. “Fallback” showcases Talbert can carry a hook, while letting others have the spotlight with the addition of hip hop rhymes. “Platform Love” has a more R&B feel and laid back feel to it. As the title indicates, it’s a love song and should be treated as so. “Glow” picks things back up with the energy and lends itself to be a good addition to any dance floor that needs a pick me up. The music reminds me of what you’d hear on a Chris Brown record. Manola knows what his strong points are; club music. Another song where the title showcases what’s in store, “Club Nights,” is about celebrating going on and declaring what kind of night it’s about to be. His Jamaican roots shine bright throughout his music and when he’s not crooning, he’s offering up a legion of dance tracks that are full of good times to be had. If you like to cut a rug, check out Manola G. Talbert. (