Phase Aka: Table’z Turne’d

Phase Aka ReviewPhase Aka’s latest “Table’z Turne’d” dropped this past January and if you haven’t got a chance to listen yet – where have you been? With a slick intro that then leads into “I Will Neva Change,” Phase Aka takes things in a chill manner and doesn’t overdo it when he laments that he’ll be the same, forever and always for he’s true to himself. Now that you know he’ll always stay who he is, he deals with some “Pressure” and tells more of a story here in an offbeat manner. Something learned in “Mean Girls,” we enter “Frenimes” with an interesting musical composition that takes this song to a new level throughout. In “How We Live” we get a more traditional, modern take on hip hop while we hit the club with “Thot Juice.” If you’re a fan of Brooklyn hip hop, check out Phase Aka’s “Table’z Turne’d,” out now. (

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