Make Room for Tyrese Trevor

Tyrese TrevorTyrese Trevor could be on the charts yesterday. “Fast Food” is something we’re all familiar with on a delicious treat level, but what about this track? It’s a little Drake-ish with the soft approach but that disappears as soon as he started to lay it down and bust out the rhymes. We go back to sensual Tyrese Trevor with “Gimmie Ya Body.” This one is definitely something you can imagine hearing on the Top 40 right now alongside Chris Brown and Jason Derulo. Then with Mula Boy Skee by his side, we get “Hot Shit.” This one has an interesting feel to it overall. The pace is slow but the lyrics are being spit out with a lot of passion. If you have a lot of Big Sean and Meek Mill on your iTunes already, then make sure to add Tyrese Trevor to the list. (

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