Pat Di Selectah Takes His Time

Pat Di Selectah ReviewPat Di Selectah is an emcee who takes his time to get his point across. “Fireproof” is a slow track that is brought to life by the hook, sung much like Dido. That one seems like a mature sound for this emcee, and you think “Get Money Bitch” is going to be a hype track but it’s on a slow pace as well. You keep waiting for that big moment, but things keep going at a steady pace with “Sneak Dissin.” The track with the coolest beat from Pat Di Selectah resides in “Eat Ya Food,” while you finally get a little burst of energy in “That’s It.” You may not one to be the girl that’s the subject of this track, but if you’re not – that’s a reason to enjoy. If you’re into laid back tracks when it comes to hip hop, check out Pat Di Selectah. (

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